One Tradition

I brought in its central part orange-red range – thus I intensify the contrast, not only with the green background (symbolizing Mother Nature), but among the forms in the composition. So, overall speaking, you get bright active core on the formless green spots, which with its six elements (scattered around), represents the Seven Continents. In the basis of the project lies the sacred number 7. The six warm (ribbed) elements represent the transition between indestructible Folklore Tradition and modern Abstract Art. Therefore, their shape distinguishes from the oval Core.

In the central part of the canvas is composed Bulgarian girl forward looking to the optimistic right diagonal. This part is the greatest one because it symbolizes Europe and especially Bulgaria, the power of the Bulgarian Spirit and our Folklore Tradition and Culture.

The Core and the Six Elements show how we must present our Folklore Culture and Tradition to the World and how to spread its beauty…

Extract from the Defense Thesis “Tradition” by Atanas Burov
Location: National Art School “Dimitar Dobrovich”, Bulgaria, EU

Gratefulness & Respect

Special thanks to all who helped in the preparation of the canvas back in 2005:

Петя Коларова – Майсторката (R.I.P.), Виктория, Викито, Ренета, Ралица, Албена, Катя, Петя, Данчето, Мария, Голямата и Малката Надя, Десито, М Джей (Мария), Златина, Юлиана, Благовеста, Емо, Сашо…

It would not be realized so good without you!

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