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We present to you the extended trailer of the short documentary art movie of the fourth edition Plein Air “Ichera” 2019, which was premiered at the opening of the exhibition “The Magic of Sliven Balkan Mountains” on 05.12.2019, in “Uzunova House” at the Art Gallery “Dimitar Dobrovich”, city of Sliven.

“Ichera can also be sound, aroma and color. Everyone presents this Emotion, this Inhale and Exhale, which is actually Art, and recreate their emotions on the canvas. For people who expect some classic landscapes to be just served, maybe remain disappointed.”

The film was shot in the village of Ichera by “Burov Bros” Studio at the end of July 2019.

Video production: Burov Bros.
Director: Atanas Burov – Burofar
Assistant Director: Azo Burov
Video editing and Post-production: Atanas Burov
Visual effects and Graphic Design: Azo Burov
Camera: Azo Burov and Borislava Zaharieva
Interview: Caroline Kapitanova

Music: David Fesliyan – FesliyanStudios

Subtitles: English / Bulgarian, Translation: Anita Ninova

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